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- 펫미용 부문 -

Beginners Class

필드경력 1년 미만(학원경력포함 2년), 자격증, 포트폴리오 제출 필수


- 펫미용 부문 -

Intermediate Class

​중급자로 필드경력 1년 이상

- 쇼미용 부문 -

Intermediate Class

현재 독쇼에서 인정되는 견종과 미용 클럽의 기술 표현이 가능한 그루머

현재 쇼잉을 하고 있거나 필드 경력 5년 이상인 그루머

​학원장 추천서를 지참한 그루머


​펫 미용 심사위원



​윤 경 희


엄 규 리


​펫 미용 심사위원



Gracienna Foo

• 2019 ISCC Master Groomer Best in Show

• 2020 one of Chile Grooming Fest Speaker

• Grooming seminar tour to Australia/France/Poland/Cyprus/China since 2017

• Published artworks in Europe Groomer Connection Magazine

​쇼 미용 심사위원



신 희 진


​김 남 진

​쇼 미용 심사위원



Victor Rosado ICMG / NCMG

All Breeds International FCI Conformation licensed Dog Show Judge. European Grooming Association All Rounder EGA Judge.

Member of the American Spaniel Club, breeder, exhibitor and specialist of American Cocker Spaniels for more than 25 years under the registered kennel name Showstar.


Breeder of champions, grand champions and international champions including multiple Best In Show winners in multiple countries and top ranked dogs in multiple countries in both AKC and FCI. AKC Breeder of Merit. Sporting and Terrier exhibitor.


Grooming competitor winner of multiple "Best In Show", "Best All Around" with more than a 100 awards in Sporting, Handstripping, Scissored Breeds and Poodles Tournaments combined.


Barkleigh Honors recipients awards in 2016, 2017 and 2018

World Grooming Gold Champion in Belgium 2017.

Hall of Fame groomer at Groom Team USA.

GT Travel Team member for Belgium 2017and France 2020

Top #1 Groomer in the ranks of United States Of America for 2017 Recipient of Barkleigh Honors Groomer of the Year award in 2017 & 2018 Recipient of Best International Groomer award in 2018/Madrid Spain


Latin America Oster Ambassador, VIG ambassador groomer for Purina Pro-Plan, X-Power Image Ambassador, Artero World Team Member and Davis Ambassador.

Double Master Groomer & Affiliate for IPG International Professional Groomers in Latin America, owner of Davis Puerto Rico wholesale company and EDUGROOM educational series.


Host and speaker at most of the main international grooming shows.


He is valued in the industry for being one of the top and most complete groomer, active speaker, coach, seminarist and presenter that we have worldwide.

코로나 사회적 거리두기 4단계 상향으로 대회가 11월 18일로 연기되어, 빅터는 이 기간 이미 다른 스케줄이 예약되어 있는 관계로 부득히 이번 대회에는 심사위원으로 오실수 없게 되었습니다. 이 점 넓은 양해를 구하며 빅터는 내년 대회에 심사위원으로 다시 초빙될 예정입니다.


Kitty Dekeersgieter

  • 매년 벨기에 코르트니크(Kortrijk)에서 개최되는 유럽 최대 애견미용 대회 중 하나인 Groomania 의 창립자

  • E.G.A(유럽 그루밍 협회) 이사

  • 국제 그루밍 대회 심사위원

Kitty began showing dogs as a child, and later, as a professional handler she “made up” many champions.

Kitty was a professional groomer for more than 24 years, her grooming shop, Salon Kitty in Kortrijk, Belgium, was internationally acclaimed.

She started competing in grooming competitions in 1982 and has, since then, won multiple Gold, Silver and Bronze medals, Best in Shows and Best All Round Groomer awards in both Europe and America. The Culmination of her grooming career was in 1996-1997 when she won the prestigious title of “World Champion Poodle Groomer” and the coveted Cardinal Crystal Achievement Award for “International Groomer Of The Year” at Intergroom in New York, USA.

Together with Darren Cooke, Kitty created the company Transgroom a wholesale and mail order company that designs, manufactures and distributes specialist, professional animal grooming products all over the world. Kitty is the product designer using her vast experience and expertise to design new and innovative grooming products for Transgroom’s own brands: Show tech, Yento,  Tikima Pro Wear for Groomers, K-Design and more …

Kitty is an international grooming contest judge, board member of the E.G.A (European Grooming Association), grooming speaker and demonstrator and has led seminars all around the world to educate groomers and promote the grooming industry. Kitty is the founder and organiser of the Groomania event held annually in Kortrijk. In addition to the grooming competition, which comprises all levels from beginners to champions, there is an extensive educational grooming conference which features exceptional seminars and demonstrations by some of the World’s top groomers. 

Kitty lives in Belgium with her husband, Darren Cooke, their 2 children and Dog Luna 




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