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Isabella Jane Doblas Jones 

“Grooming and teaching are the air I breathe, my fuel, and my religion!” 


It all started when she was 13 years old, helping out at standard poodle breeding kennels, washing and drying show poodles. 


She began working as a groomer in a small vet clinic in Spain, learning through observation and practice. By the age of 18, she was working at four different vet clinics simultaneously. Through self-teaching and attending numerous seminars, she honed her skills and opened her first salon at 22, eventually expanding to nine. Alongside grooming, she has been a standard poodle breeder and competed since 1998, winning numerous gold medals and gaining experience as an all-rounder judge across various countries. 


Six years ago, she closed her business and decided to travel and teach, believing that there is a moment in time for everything. She has had the pleasure of teaching seminars all over the globe and is now one of the most beloved speakers in the industry. 


She has been a groomer for 35 years and has been imparting seminars for 17 years, with no intention of stopping. 


  • 2019 International Speaker of the Year 

  • International Groomer of the Year 

  • Years of experience as a judging master groomer 

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