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Yeongseon Jin 

  • Certified Master of KKF & KKC 

  • Principal of 'GOOKJE' Pet Grooming School 

  • Master of Arts Culture and Korean Arts: Pet Stylist 

  • President of Korea Pet Care Association 

  • Predecessor of the KKC Grooming Association 

  • Professional handler and breeder of breeds such as Maltese, Mini Schnauzer, American Cocker Spaniel, Kerry Blue Terrier, and Bichon Frise 

  • Winner of Best in Show at Groom Expo 2022 

  • Inducted into the HYPONIC IGC 2021 Hall of Fame 

  • Winner of the Best Prize at the 1st IJA International Grooming Competition 

  • Winner of over 300 Best in Show awards with Bichon Frise 

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