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Humans have evolved in collaboration with other life forms.

Dogs are man's oldest friend.

Tassili n’Ajjer rock painting from the Neolithic Period 

showing Africanis-like dog in hunting scene

Tassili n’Ajjer, Algeria


Illustration of a hunter with dogs chasing a stag from the vintage book Sporting Sketches (1817-1818)

by  Henry Alken (1784-1851).

The most legitimate way

to show affection for your beloved dog today.

Early 1600’s 

Small beginnings  


Purpose of practicality


Evolution into style


Fanciful grooming


Emergence of American style

하이 파이브


HYPONIC aims to unite groomers through IGC, promote communication with their colleagues, and encourages new advances and endeavors in grooming. 

It is our hope and anticipation to spread empathy, compassion and companionship within our pet culture/industry through the competition.

boney-QThF7Iv6vLY-unsplash (1).jpg

The HYPONIC International Grooming Conference offers the opportunity for endorsement of competency/proficiency of their professional grooming skills to those seeking a higher level of professional recognition with respect to groomers working in field and theory.



International Grooming Conference

envisions the potential of collaboration, and not competition.

  • The possibility for groomers to share their ideas, insights and skills and to contribute to the advancement of the culture and industry of pets all around the world.

  • The possibility of groomers to become an advocate of compassion and to communicate across all languages and races.

  • The possibility of groomers to be respected for their love, devotion and service rather than by figure or numerical representation.


International Grooming Conference

HYPONIC International Grooming Conference invites groomers from all over the world in salute and gratitude to become an asset for this invaluable and momentous occasion. 

Got Talent?

Show It.  

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