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[Application and registration]

To take part in the competition, we ask you to apply through Google online form from 6st March to 19th March. The link to access the Google application form will be notified on the Hyponic IGC website( or the official IGC Facebook account ( on 6st March.

Once you’ve filled in the form and submitted it, we will announce the attendee selected individually with the confirmation of their registration and a payment link from 20th March to 25th March. Your registration is not final until you have paid.

The ticket price is US $ 65.

[Important notice]

Detailed regulations can be downloaded at the bottom of the IGC website ( or from the official IGC Facebook account (

Please kindly be informed that we are running "Rental-dogs" community for the attendees. You can find the dogs in the link below or ask to the staff.

Panel of Judges


Victor Rosado ICMG / NCMG

International and National Master Groomer Certified


Breeder of merit, exhibitor and professional groomer for about 30 years under the FCI registered kennel Sporting Showstars with champions, grand champions and international champions including multiple Best In Show winners and #1 Ranking dogs in multiple countries. 


Grooming competitor with multiple "Best In Shows", "Best All Around" victories with more than 150 top awards in Poodles, Sporting, Handstripping, All Other Purebred Scissored Breeds and Pet Class combined. 


As one of the world’s top grooming judges Mr. Victor Rosado executes his assignments at shows with a wide range of technical judging in both conformation and grooming tournaments. Actively judging International and National All Breed Dog Shows and All Class Grooming Competitions worldwide.


As a licensed and experienced judge one of his multiple tasks includes training and and educating experienced and apprentice conformation and grooming judges in many countries and in multiple National Canine Organizations (NCO’s) across the globe. 


  • Barkleigh Honors recipients awards in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2022

  • World Grooming Gold Champion in Belgium 2017, Bronze Winner in 2022

  • Hall of Fame groomer at Groom Team USA. 

  • GT Travel Team member for Belgium 2017 and Belgium 2022

  • Top #1 Groomer in the ranks of United States Of America for 2017

  • Recipient of Barkleigh Honors Groomer of the Year award in 2017 & 2018

  • Recipient of Best International Groomer award in 2018/Madrid Spain

  • World Grooming Champion

  • Judge of the Year 2022 


Ambassador, multiple brands media image for many of the top companies in the world.

  • HYPONIC’s Global Ambassador

  • Utsumi Global Shear Master Ambassador


Affiliate for IPG International Professional Groomers in Latin America, owner of Davis Puerto Rico wholesale company and EDUGROOM educational series instructor. 


Host, speaker and entertainer at most of the main international grooming shows around. He is valued in the industry for being one of the top and most complete groomer, judge, speaker, coach, seminarist and presenter that we have worldwide.


Anna Gómez Ferran

•Handler of Miniature Schnauzer and Rough Collie with the affix Sangtrait

•Founding member and president of the "Association of Canine and Feline Groomers of Spain" for three years

•Invited to the 3, 4, and 5 Professional series of "Artero"

•Invited the speakers to numerous professional conferences and act as a judge in Grooming Championships

•Starts Canine Grooming tutor since 1992

•Owner and Stylist in her grooming salon "Anna Gomez Perruquers" •Published various book including "Peluquera Canina editor Vecchi" and translated into French as well as in Spain

•Winning numerous medals in multiple grooming championships, including "2015 Groomeval gold medal" in scissors champion class


Laily Azhade Abulitifu

•Laily Azhade Abulitifu
•Graduated from Xinjiang Art Institute, China, major in oil painting.
•Started the grooming career since 1998.
•Grooming judge of China Kennel Union (FCI member).
•Owner of Baby-House Pet Grooming School, the leading grooming school in China.
•Specializes in the grooming of poodle, bichon frise, Asian fusion, and creative grooming, felt and foam styling.
•Gives grooming seminars and judges competitions worldwide.
•Attended dog shows around the world, and her miniature poodles and bichons won many titles, including 5 BIS in international shows.


Gracienna Foo

• Graduated Bachelor's in Architecture   design from the University of Tasmania(AUS)

• Operating of Hyponic Distribution in Malaysia

• Operating of “Groom Groom Education Center for the seminar”

• Owner of "Pets Artiste grooming salon” 

• Awarded ISCC Best in show Malaysia

• Invited to different countries for judging and seminars, such as France, the UK, China, Cyprus, Australia, Costa Rica, Chile, etc


Nyle Chan

•Grooming Seminar Tour in 2023 (March in Singapore, April in Taiwan)
•Dyson Product Launch Press Conference in 2022
•Lamb Clip Collaboration Seminar in 2021
•Grooming Asian Style Poodle Clip Seminar in 2021
•Hong Kong Kennel Club Trimmer Teacher
•Hong Kong Kennel Club Grooming Judge 2021, 2022 and 2023
•Hong Kong Kennel Club Master Class 2021
•Artero Grooming Slam 2020 Virtual Dog (SILVER) (The 2nd Place)
•Artero Grooming Slam 2020 Asian Fusion (BRONZE) (The 3rd Place)
•The Founder of A Plus Grooming School (Hong Kong) Est. 2018
•Kennel Club of Taiwan (FCI) Grooming Training Judge 2018
•Kennel Club of Taiwan (FCI/AGF) A Class (The 2nd Place) 2016
•Hong Kong Kennel Club HKKC B Class (The 1st Place) 2013
•Kennel Club of Taiwan (FCI/AGF) C Class (The 2nd Place) 2012​


Silver Taek

• Operating of “Original Grooming Academy” 

• Owner of O.G pet salon 

• Invited to Grooming seminars in China and Japan

• KKC grooming judge 

• Operating of O.G.Uniform

• Former Deputy Director of “Gangnam   Grooming School“

•2018 kkf National Grooming Contest Silver medal 

•2020 kkc National Grooming Contest Gold medal



Competition Schedule

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